Security hole in HTC phones is more serious than iPhone’s location tracking scandal: expert says

 expert saysNick Ellsmore, a security expert at Stratsec, has warned that the recently-discovered security vulnerability in HTC Android phones is far more serious than the iPhone 'location tracking scandal' and Facebook's tracking of users after they log-out.

The vulnerability was first discovered by US security experts Trevor Eckhart, Justin Case and Artem Russakovskii, who claimed that the vulnerability emerged after the Taiwan-based HTC rolled out an update to Sense UI.

The concerned update was designed to equip HTC handsets with some new tools, but the experts claimed that some of these tools could allow cyber criminals to steal users’ personal information by installing a malicious app on the devices.

The experts claim that the vulnerability exposed the handset’s last known network and GPS locations as well as the previous history of locations. But, it is more serious flaw than the Apple iPhone’s location tracking scandal because it also exposed SMS and phone number data, along with phone's list of user accounts and email addresses.

Pure Hacking’s security expert Ty Miller said, “The vulnerability allows a seemingly innocent mobile app to gain unauthorised access to sensitive and private information.”

Experts also warned that HTC smartphone users are now more at risk as the vulnerability is now broadly known, and tha handset maker may take some time to fix it.


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