Women Prefer Dieting Over Relationships

Women Prefer Dieting Over RelationshipsA 37.5% of women accept that maintaining body is more important for them than maintaining relationships, reveals a research by the weightless company Atkins.

The research was carried out on 1,290 women of the UK, who were observed for their outlook on the aspects like dieting and its impact on their relationships. As per the figures of the research, 54% of the women accepted that there mind was more occupied about the thoughts of food rather than sex.

The research also revealed that out of every 10 women, one considered herself at fault for skipping diet than being disloyal to their partner. The figures shows that how over-enthusiastic are women about dieting, that nothing seems to capture their attention in front of this.

Most of the women revealed that the obsession was a result of their consciousness to be in shape, while many of the participants revealed that they took dieting very seriously because they had been embarrassed in the past for their disproportionate body.

According to Linda O'Byrne, the Chief Nutritionist of Atkins, women should be consciousness about their health and bodily appearance, but the consciousness should not end up making them isolated or a self-obsessed personality.

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