NZ Needs a Strong Meningococcal C Vaccine Program

NZ Needs a Strong Meningococcal C Vaccine ProgramIncreasing cases of meningococcal C have led an immunization expert to call for nationwide funding for vaccine in New Zealand.

A few days back, two adolescents and three adults lost their lives due to the bacterial infection while nine more people were found to suffering from either meningococcal C or B. Single dose vaccine is available in the country but is not publically funded and seeing the increasing number it has been asked that the vaccine should get public funding.

After listening to the news of meningococcal C vaccine, some of the places have raised concerns that they do not need immunization program at their place. One such place is Wellington they are also right at their place as till now they have not come across any meningococcal C case and all the cases they have registered are of meningococcal B, and for that no vaccine is available.

The best option available is to save the future of the country for which the vaccine to all children should be funded, said Nikki Turner, who is the Immunization Advisory Centre Director. She further affirmed that they are on the lookout for a firm immunization plan but till then current vaccine should be given to all.