Hutt Hospital Restructures Procedures after Witnessing Patient’s Death

Hutt Hospital Restructures Procedures after Witnessing Patient’s DeathHutt Hospital has restructured its treatment procedures after the incident which has notified their level of reckless behavior which resulted in the death of its patient.

Wellington coroner, Ian Smith has been investigating the death of Jacqueline Senibuli, who lost her life in 2008 due to complications of Guillain-Barre syndrome. This syndrome results in inflamed nerves and can lead a patient into paralysis situation or respiratory problems.

The coroner has been revealed that Mrs. Senibuli died due to disentangling of a breathing tube which resulted in to a cardiac arrest and breathing crash.

The son of the deceased's raised a question for the hospital staff that why any expert was not available to deal with the emergency cases.

The hospital revealed that the one of the surgeon on duty was attending another emergency case and this was the first time that a patient had died, as doctors are usually available at the unit.

Also, Kevin O'Connor who was undertaking Mrs. Senibuli case was called immediately when she had just returned back home, but she was stopped by the police officials on the way due to speeding up and had to undergo a breath test before actually leaving for hospital.