Denmark’s Sperm Bank Says No to Red and Blond Haired Donors

Denmark’s Sperm Bank Says No to Red and Blond Haired DonorsA sperm bank in Denmark has been refusing red haired and blond donors as the demand is quite less and the donors count is extremely high.

It is the world's biggest sperm bank and the authorities have notified that it has already collected 70 litres of semen and 600 potential donors have been contacting them for donating their sperms but the bank has put them on waiting list.

Cryos delivers the sperms to almost all the areas in the world and intends to introduce its banks in other parts of the world as well.

Ole Schou, Director of the Cryos Bank, stated that the bank has already received two much semen of red haired men and the waiting list is also too long but actually, they require potential donors from other ethnicities specially the ones with dark skin colour and brown eyes.

Mr. Schou notified that the people except northern Europeans do not prefer blonde or redhead children so they are not asking for their semen. He added that people do not want their kids to have red hair and so they do not prefer the sperm of red-hair donor.

He said, "People always search for something similar to themselves specifically the racial and ethnic background".


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