ASA upholds Virgin’s complaints against BT broadband advert

Supporting Virgin Media’s two complaints against BT's advertisement of its Infinity fibre optic broadband service, the UK advertising watchdog ASA has asked BT not to show the advertisement in its current form.

The advert in question claimed that BT was rolling out Infinity fibre optic broadband across the country, urging viewers to “join now,” and that most of the BT customers were already receiving speeds three times faster than rival services.

The ASA ruled that the advert was misleading as viewers would be interpreting that the service was already available.

Pronouncing the judgment, the advertising watchdog said, "We considered that the statements ... would be interpreted by readers to mean that the service was already available to most, if not all, customers," the watchdog explained.

However, the third complaint made by Virgin Media against a BT broadband service was not supported by the advertisement watchdog.

Responding to the ASA ruling, BT said it sees the case as a minor issue of clarification. BT added that it would consult further with the advertisement watchdog in that regard.