Johnny Herbert & Alastair Macqueen- two big names behind Hemera

Johnny Herbert & Alastair Macqueen- two big names behind Hemera Former Formula One driver Johnny Herbert and ex-Jaguar engineer Alastair Macqueen are two of the big names getting behind the Hemera- London-based independent car maker Eterniti Motors’ future luxury crossover.

Herbert and Macqueen will play an active role in developing Hemera as well as serve as an ambassador for luxury car, whose prototype will be displayed at the imminent Frankfurt Motor Show.

Getting Grand prix and Le Mans winner Herbert, and the Jaguar XJ220 supercar developer Macqueen on board will help the car maker defuse some of the doubts that have been surrounding it since it first announced its plans about Hemera last month.

Eterniti has newly published more details about the Hemera SUV. Eterniti said that its debut model would feature a limousine-like rear cabin equipped with reclining seats, Apple iPads and a drinks chiller.

The debut model will be based on the frame of an already available vehicle, but the car maker declined to mention the name of that vehicle. However, the company described the Hemera as “the world's first super-SUV,” claiming it would offer world-class performance, ultimate luxury and customization.

Hemera is expected to go on sale in spring 2012, with a possible price tag of around £150,000.