Survey: Nearly 90% UK teenagers admit to being embarrassed by their parents

 Nearly 90% UK teenagers admit to being embarrassed by their parents According to the findings of a new survey, commissioned by Twentieth Century Fox for celebrating the release of the Modern Family Season 2 box set, nearly 90 percent of the teenagers have admitted that they are embarrassed by their parents, largely because of their over-enthusiastic dancing at family celebrations and their public displays of affection.

The survey - which involved the participation of 1,500 UK teenagers - found that 88 percent teenagers said that their parents regularly embarrassed them; and nearly 72 percent of them added that they would not introduce a new love interest to their parents so as to avoid embarrassment.

In fact, the survey - which questioned 1,500 parents as well - also found that nearly 60 percent of the parents admitted that they had told their kids exaggerated stories about their own teenage days in order to impress them.

Almost 26 percent of the parents also confessed that they had told their children that they had received better exam results than they actually did; and 24 percent parents said they had falsely claimed to have seen concerts of classic bands like The Beatles and The Who.

About the findings of the survey, relationship expert Jenni Trent Hughes said that "it's amazing the lengths parents will go to try and communicate with their kids; and also added that it appears as if "attempts at appearing cool and trendy are having the opposite effect and sending kids running to their bedrooms in embarrassment."


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