Private Hospitals Have Better Services for Patients

Private Hospitals Have Better Services for PatientsWith the increase in waiting times at public hospitals, people are drifting towards private hospitals to get their medical checkup done on time.

Apart from cutting down of the waiting time, the patients do not need a reference to get the medical consultation at private hospitals. The patients are provided with the facility of getting an appointment fixed with the doctor by making a call.

In most of the private hospitals the medical records are analysed by the consultants prior to the health check-up commenced at the patient is made to wait for some time. The maximum waiting time at hospitals is 60 minutes, but in Blackrock Clinic a patient has to wait only for 12 minutes.

In Dublin, the patients can also access for health checkups in the emergency department attached to hospitals like Beacon Hospital and the Blackrock Clinic in south Dublin, or the Hermitage in Lucan. In the west the Galway Clinic’s emergency department also provides with the hospital.

The cost of visiting private hospitals and clinics will cost at least €100; various hospitals have their own charges. In Blackrock Clinic and Beacon Hospital, charges are €120. If the patient visits a doctor through a reference made by a GP then another €50-€70 needs to be paid out as a consultation fee to the GP.


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