Mold and Chemicals Might be Plaguing Drugs Like Tylenol

fdaOfficial figures shared by the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention have speculated that nearly 40,000 Americans are killed every year by prescription medicines and over the counter drugs. Everything from painkillers to cough syrups, all contribute to causing additional deaths.

Medicines, which seem harmless otherwise, can sicken and sometimes even kill, through many side effects which range from allergic reactions and overdoses. And now, as shared by officials, pill poppers have another thing to worry about - drugs contaminated with mold and chemicals, a belief cemented by the recent total recall of OTC pain reliever Tylenol Arthritis Pain Caplets.

McNeil Consumer Healthcare and the US Food and Drug Administration recently expanded the company's voluntary recall to include every lot of Tylenol Arthritis Pain pills with the distinctive red EZ-open caps, after the FDA received various complaints that the drug seemed to smell “like mold or mildew".

After research, it was discovered that the culprit was a chemical that is used in wood pallets, which the medicines were stored with while they were transported. "This (wood pallet storing and transportation) is an industry that openly ignores its own safety rules and transports our food supply on deplorably unsanitary platforms. We call on Congress and the FDA to take a comprehensive look at the role wood pallets play in contaminating our food and drug supplies and to take action", said Bob Moore, Chairman and CEO of Intelligent Global Pooling Systems.