Virgin Oceanic to help explorers cruise down to the depths of Earth’s oceans

Virgin Oceanic to help explorers cruise down to the depths of Earth’s oceansDespite the fact that entrepreneur and daredevil Richard Branson is yet to realize his much-hyped Virgin Galactic dream of making a sub-orbital flight, the billionaire has now proposed the exploration of the depths of the Pacific in the Virgin Oceanic single-seater submarine, which he launched back in April.

Other than Branson, the other high-profile investors backing the Virgin Oceanic super-submarine – which will lay bare the marvel at the bottom of the ocean - include James Cameron, director of the Virgin Group; as well as Internet mastermind and Google’s executive chairman Eric Schmidt.

The eight-foot long Virgin Oceanic – which will be made of carbon fibre and titanium, and will have stubby wings and a cockpit – cam go nearly 36,000 feet below the surface; and can cruise for almost 6.2miles. In addition, it can stay submerged in water, without help, for 24 hours.

With Triton, the developers of the sea craft, having already created their own craft, the company’s president Patrick Lahey said that it will not be before long that a host of discoveries are made, including a close view of the place where the Titanic ship collapsed at the bottom of the ocean.

Stating that “there is a host of wonders down there,” Lahey told the Daily Mail that it will soon become possible for sea-enthusiasts to visit the mid-Atlantic thermal vents, where volcanic heated gases bubble up from core of the Earth, or “cruise down to the wrecks of the Titanic or the Bismarck.”