Wikipedia founder wants more female contributors

Wikipedia founder wants more female contributorsWikipedia founder Jimmy Wales has urged more women to get involved in the online user-generated encyclopedia to balance its ‘geeky’ editors and broaden its coverage.

Mr. Wales said that the online encyclopedia’s editors are dominantly “26-year-old geeky males,” and they lacked the expertise to edit some of its pages.

He added that Wikipedia was strong in areas like science and technology, but its coverage of many other topics was suffering due to lack of diversity in its community of editors.

He stressed that Wikipedia was not in danger of dying, but additional contributors would provided it with a much needed boost.

Speaking on the topic, Mr. Wales said, “At the moment, we are relatively poor in a few areas; for example, biographies of famous women through history and issues surrounding early childcare."

Mr. Wales is in Israel for the 7th annual Wikimania conference, which is being organized in Haifa. The conference brings together Wikipedia employees, editors, fans and internet VIPs from around the globe.


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