Young Women in Australia Commit Violence After Drinking

Young Women in Australia Commit Violence After DrinkingThe difference between gender’s rates of alcoholism is declining with time passing by, reveals the Queensland psychologist and researcher Dr. Gavan Palk. The researcher has found women in Australia adapting themselves to excess of drinking, thereby risking their lives and creating violence.

Dr. Gavan Palk, also a Senior Lecturer in Psychology at Queensland University of Technology, studied the influence of society motivating young women to take up excess of drinking. The Centre for Accident Research and Road Safety and Dr. Palk together reveal that 19% of the 186 women surveyed previous year were found to have indulged in excess of drinking and committing violence after that.

On the contrary, 26% out of 83 men took up violence after alcoholism at a high level. The researcher revealed that difference was negligible between the genders, including the aspect of committing violence.

The researches on the same issue were carried out in the UK and various other countries, which found young women in Australia at the highest level. As per Dr. Palk, "There have been attempts to reduce the incidences of violence, but over the long term it seems the only thing that works to reduce alcohol-related violence is to reduce the number of drinking hours”.