Supermarkets Rationing Baby Formula

BabyAll major supermarkets are now rationing baby formula in order to stop its bulk sale, especially to parents in China.

Chinese-New Zealanders have been selling the formula online to Chinese parents who do not want to use formula made in their own country after the 2008 San Lu scandal, in which 6 children died and many hundreds fell seriously ill after consumption of melamine-contaminated formula.

While customers who shop at Foodtown, Woolworths and Countdown can only buy 4 tins of formula at one given time, those at Pak 'n Save supermarkets face a limit of 3.

"It's pretty much a response to unfairness that we had with a lot of people stockpiling baby formula and selling it overseas. We appreciate why people are doing it, but our supply is for the domestic market", said a spokeswoman for Progressive Enterprises, which owns Foodtown, Woolworths and Countdown.

The New Zealand Food Safety Authority is now planning a full investigation into the matter.