GM unveils two-wheel electric car

GM unveils two-wheel electric carRenowned automaker General Motors (GM) has revealed a new two-seater electric car, which has a futuristic communication system that promises to prevent it from crashing.

The new car, dubbed EN-V (Vauxhall Electric Networked Vehicle), has only two wheels on either side, and it rises from a crouching position to balance on the two wheels. Sitting in the car will make you feel as if you are inside a bubble.

Explaining the new car, project manager Tom Brown said,

“EN-Vs work on two wheels. Unlike a motorcycle, which has a wheel on the front and the back, this has a wheel on either side. It balances a lot like a segway would.

The EN-V has been developed by the transport technology firm Segway, according to specifications provided by General Motors. The new vehicle has been equipped with gyroscopic and fluid-based leveling sensors, which help it to maintain balance whilst on the move.

The car was developed for the World Expo in Shanghai, and models of the vehicle have now been made for Britain.

The EN-V can run at a maximum speed of 25 miles per hour.


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