Caffeinated Drinks Fight Alzheimer

AlzheimerDrinking coffee can be helpful in fighting diseases like Alzheimer, an anonymous substance found in coffee which further reacted with caffeine providing protection against the disease Alzheimer.

A recent study was done by the researchers of University of South Florida; on a mouse revealed that the reaction between the substance and caffeine energized the blood pressure which could fight the causing of Alzheimer's disease. A daily moderate intake of coffee was not going to provide with complete protection against the disease.

Alzheimer was a disease which led to loss of memory which was not possible to occur among people who were drinking caffeinated drinks regularly. Regular drinking of coffee or caffeinated drinks during the middle-age life or in old age reduced the risk of Alzheimer's disease, as per Journal of Alzheimer's Diseases.

Earlier, researchers proved that it was caffeine which did not let an unusual beta-amyloidal to develop in the brain of the humans, which was believed to be the main reason of development of the disease. However, the new experiment did not overshadow the importance of caffeine in any way as it stimulated increase in blood levels thereby resulting in development of GCSF (granulocyte colony stimulating factor).


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