Radio listeners are happier than TV and web users: study

Listening to radio lifts the levels of happiness and energy more than watching TV or browsing the internet, a fresh study commissioned by the U. K.'s Radio Advertising Bureau claims.

The study from Sparkler Research polled more than 1,000 people in the UK via their smartphones and asked them to record what media they were consuming and to rate the levels of their mood as well as energy at that time.

The study, titled "Media & the Mood of the Nation," compared respondents not consuming any media to those listening to the radio, watching TV, and surfing the Internet.

The study found that radio listeners were at the top, with 100 per cent boost in happiness and 300 per cent lift in their energy levels when compared to non-consumers of any type of media.

The study also showed that TV watchers were 62 per cent happier and Internet users were 69 per cent happier than those not consuming any media.

Speaking at the findings, RAB’s planning director Mark Barber said, “People are the happiest and most energetic when listening to radio. It plays an important emotional role in people’s lives.”

Fresh Rajar audience measurement figures claim that 91.6 per cent of the people in the UK listen to more than 1.058 billion hours of radio per week.