Gabriel Makhlouf: Treasury’s New Chief Executive and Secretary

Gabriel-MakhloufGabriel Makhlouf has been appointed as Treasury's Chief Executive and Secretary for a tenure of five years. Before taking the post of Treasury's Chief Executive and Secretary, Mr. Makhlouf has worked as Deputy Chief Executive for a year. During the one-year tenure, he worked towards removing the obstacles that where preventing foreign ownership of New Zealand assets and highlighted the difficulty of funding as an ageing population.

Soon after taking the post, he raised controversy as he has called for Treasury to drop all screening of foreign investment. Commenting upon his action he said that this is a time of significant change and opportunity for New Zealand. He was notes saying , “The Treasury has a firm focus on growing the economy, getting public finances back in order, and working with the public sector as its seeks new ways to deliver better services for less”.

It has been revealed that Mr. Makhlouf will also be enjoying a seat among special advisory group of state services leaders formed as part of Finance Minister Bill English's bid to slash $1 billion from state sector spending.

Mr. Makhlouf is an experienced man as he has previously worked with the UK civil service, including Inland Revenue, HM Treasury and HM Revenue and Customs. Besides, he has also chaired the world's main tax-ruling body at the OECD and served Principal Private Secretary to the Gordon Brown during his time as Chancellor of the Exchequer.