Nevada authorizes driverless cars

Nevada authorizes driverless carsDriverless or robotic cars will be seen running on the roads of state Nevada, thanks to approval of a bill that authorizes the Department of Motor Vehicles to start drafting rules for "autonomous vehicles."

The Assembly Bill 511, which received Governor’s approval on June 16, describes driverless cars as motor vehicles that make use of artificial intelligence, sensors and GPS co-ordinates to drive themselves with no human intervention.

However, the robotic cars will not take over Nevada roads overnight.

Last week's legislation is an important step towards robotic cars, but it is only a preliminary move.

The bill will take effect on March 1, 2012, and will give officials green signal to work out car certification standards, insurance guidelines plus other rules that would apply to robotic cars.

The Department of Motor Vehicles will also demarcate areas of Nevada where the robotic cars will be tested.

Google, which last year started testing the automated cars and logged 140,000 test miles in the Bay Area, is happy at the approval of the new bill.

Robotic cars are expected to make traveling safer as human error is the major cause of car crashes.