Women Prefer Profession Over Family Life

Women Prefer Profession Over Family LifeThe women of generation X demand comfortable working hours so as to balance their professional and family life. As per a study done by the Center for Work-Life Policy, headed by Bridgend-born Economist Sylvia Ann Hewlett, around 43% women belonging to the years of 1965 to 1978 received qualification up to the university level did not give birth to children so that they could pursue their careers.

These women who belonged to the age group of 33 to 46 considered motherhood as a hurdle in the way of their profession. The women of this age group had been through joblessness in their career, which motivated them to seek a better position at the professional front.

Chwarae Teg and Adele Baumgardt, Chair of Wales Assembly of Women, stressed on the need to call an end to such gender-based labels and bring a reformation in the system to create a working atmosphere which supported both men and women going out to work.

According to Katy Chamberlain, Chief Executive of Chwarae Teg, women of this era were forced to choose either career or family; on the contrary, men don’t face problems like the one faced by women. Moreover, it was after 29 that women were confident about having a family life and having a child whom they could support financially.

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