Outbreak of Cholera in Haiti

Outbreak of Cholera in HaitiFollowing the heavy rainfall and flooding, Haiti is once again is in the grip of cholera. The French humanitarian organization, Medecins du Monde, has said that the health condition of the people living in Haiti is under risk.

A NGO has reported that if the resources and health staff are not made aware immediately then there is a possibility that the outbreak of cholera may affect nearby communities. The NGO has further said that the stagnant water of rain and flood have impacted the living conditions of the people making the area a home of bacteria.

The Civil Protection Department has confirmed that the areas of Tabarre, Petionville, Carrefour, Cite Soleil, Delmas, and Grand-Anse are under potential threat. It has been reported that the epidemic was first discovered in Haiti in November, however, none preventive measures have been taken so far.

Two independent studies have unveiled that contaminated water of river have led to the epidemic. One of these studies has claimed that fecal contamination of a local stream that drained into the Artibonite River initiated the epidemic. The second study conducted by experts appointed by UN echoed first study. The said that the Meye Tributary System of the Artibonite River was contaminated with a South Asian strain of Vibrio cholera.


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