‘Legal Weed’ Banned in West Australia

‘Legal Weed’ Banned in West AustraliaIt has been revealed in a recent report that synthetic cannabis is going to be banned by the West Australian State Government. They shall ban the products that contain this including Kronic.

It was said in a statement by Helen Morton, the Health Minister, that there was enough proof that this substance is harmful for the health and sanity of people. It has been announced that those people who possess this substance can take it to the police or dispose it off till Friday, after which the ban begins.

She was of the view that anyone who is found in possession of this drug shall have to face very severe penalties for the same. There are so many people all across the vicinity who smoke cannabis. It is harming the entire society and making it weak and addicted.

"These products, commonly sold as incense, are being smoked by people seeking effects similar to those of cannabis and these people are placing their health at risk”, she said. Kronic is marketed as legal weed and this is one of the reasons the use of the drug is growing far and wide in the entire nation. The game has to stop here; otherwise it might lead to even more devastating consequences.


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