Showing Up for Work While Sick Could Have Negative Effects

Showing Up for Work While Sick Could Have Negative EffectsA study by New Zealand sociologist, Professor Kevin Dew has revealed that showing up for work while sick could result to negative long term effects, such as; fatigue, depression and severe heart problems.

In the study, Prof. Dew talked about a new term called "presenteeism", which he formed. Presenteeism has to do with people showing up for work though they should be staying at home sick.

He also expressed that the Long-term effects of presenteeism should be a major concern for all employers as it is linked to the health of the workers and results from their daily tasks.

Prof. Dew further said: "People feel compelled to go to work because someone else would have to take up the workload and they have a feeling of responsibility for not being able to care properly for patients if they don't show up".

However, people in caring professions like medicine or teaching are said to be have more tendencies in displaying cases of presenteeism, as their working environment plays a major role in the their decision to come to work even though they are down with an illness.

Workplaces with no provisions for absent sick staff and those who do not pay employees if they don’t show up will have more employees coming to work sick.