“Sperm Comet”, Recent Discovery to Treat Sperm Infertility

Treat Sperm InfertilityThe UK fertility experts have claimed to develop a simple test that allows couples to be fast-tracked to the treatment which is most likely to succeed against the conventional IVF treatments and protect them from the tough financial stress of repeated unsuccessful struggles with AVF.

Panos Lioulias, of Queen’s University Belfast’s business arm claimed that the Sperm Comet is the only available test that can support clinics to customize treatments as per the patient need hence, enhances the chance of success.

Most of the clinics evaluate the quality of a man’s sperm through the observation of simple parameters including shape, speed and concentration under the microscope. Whereas the recent test, developed by highly proficient fertility doctor Professor Sheena Lewis, is directed to check the sperms at a higher level, that checks tiny tears and even breaks in sperm’s DNA, said Panos Lioulias.

During the development process, it was observed that sperms observed with some damages in their genetic material are less likely to cause a pregnancy and even if a women conceives, she is expected to encounter miscarry.

Meanwhile, the Managing Director of Care Fertility, Britain's biggest private provider of IVF to NHS patients said: "I can understand why the NHS is bringing in this policy, but what must be hard for couples is seeing the man in the street who smokes 50 fags a day, and has six kids”.