Queenstown Doctors Hopeful Towards Independent Panel

QueenstownIan Powell Association of Senior Medical Specialists, Executive Director was reported to have stated that Queenstown senior doctors were cautious and optimistic about the decision to introduce an independent panel to address future health services in the region.

Though Powell welcomed the involvement of the National Health Board, he still stated that members were not certain about them.

Though the decision was meant to have been announced next week, the increasing speculation about the issue triggered the NHB to publicly announce it early, before the involvement of all the panel members and addressing the terms of reference.

NHB Deputy Director, Michael Hundleby, also stated that though he was aware of community concerns regarding the “seemingly endless consultation on the issues”, the panel procedure was designed to be "as quick as possible but also thorough".

Moreover, the Reference Group Chairman, Graham Todd, stated that while they were consulting about a charitable trust governance model, they had previously discussed and argued on the issue at some length.

In addition, Mr. Powell was said to have tried to make the panel’s end-of-July reporting-back time, less rigid ,though there were many materials available ,as the panel would not pick up from where they started.