Plain Packaging of Tobacco in Australia under Scrutiny

Plain Packaging of Tobacco in Australia under ScrutinyThe recent announcement made by the Australian Government of introducing plain packaging of tobacco is under scrutiny. Professional from all walks of life are raising questions over its authenticity and reliability. The proposal by the government has in fact become the moot point among the concerned authorities.

The British American Tobacco Australia Ltd (BATA) has warned that if plain packaging is promoted then it will slash prices to compete against the illegal product. It is believed that this move could encourage more Australians to smoke. It said that a pack of 25 cigarettes in Australia will be sold for about 16 Australian dollars.

BATA has revealed that government is all set to spend an amount of million dollars to fight big tobacco companies in the court to bring into force the plain packaging however, the government lacks in concrete proof that such a practice will discourage the smokers and it would reduce smoking rates.

However, the Health Minister, Nicola Roxon said, "The sort of proof they are looking for doesn't exist when this hasn't been introduced around the world”. Ex-tobacco industry executive and marketing commentator, Craig Seitam is of the opinion that the proposed plain packaging will discourage the sales.