Mother to Mother Milk Sharing Concept

Mother to Mother Milk Sharing ConceptIn 1980, due to transfer of hepatitis B and C, HIV and the cytomegalovirus infection through breast milk, breast milk banks were closed down. But now in Australia, the same concept has resumed. However, before feeding an infant with a strange woman’s breast milk, the same is first screened; similarly the donor blood for viruses.

In fact, in New Zealand, breastfeeding mothers, for ensuring that every infant here is provided with the best and nutritious milk, have created their own way of sharing breast milk. This way they try and contribute in letting New Zealand infants grow healthier and happier.

For supporting the concept of “mother to mother milk sharing”, a page named “Eats on Feets” has been recently set up on Facebook.

In this regard, the Co-founder of information sharing group Mother's Milk, NZ Emma Ryburn, 34, said “Despite this, New Zealand has been slow to reopen their breast milk banks compared to Europe, United States and the United Kingdom”.

Other than normal babies, there are many premature babies and their mothers are not able to feed them at all. For such instances rather than using some powdered milk, it is much better to let the infant fed with breast milk. With the existence of a breast milk bank or mother to mother milk sharing concept, this has become much easier as well as beneficial solution.