AT&T accused of overcharging its customers

AT&T accused of overcharging its customersMobile phone operator AT&T has been accused of regularly overcharging its customers for data usage.

A recent study, sponsored by law firm Thornton, claims that AT&T overcharging its 20 million iPhone and iPad users for data usage by up to $10-15 per month.

Independent researchers found that in some cases the firm overcharged its customers by as high as 300 per cent. The researchers that even phones that removed all data-consuming applications rung up charges.

Barry Davis, one of the lawyers who filed a lawsuit against AT&T over the issue of overcharging, said that every single transaction that they tested in the four-month study was overcharged.

Speaking on the topic, Davis said, “We were stunned to discover that AT&T billed foe a phone which was left untouched for ten days, incurring 35 data transactions totaling almost 3,000KB during that period.”

Responding to the allegation, AT&T said that it bills customers correctly and that the allegations were “without merit.”