“Ronald McDonald is Going Nowhere”, Says Jim Skinner

Ronald McDonaldOn Thursday, during the annual meeting of McDonald's, the renowned food chain, Chief Executive Officer, Jim Skinner, announced that "Ronald McDonald is going nowhere". Simultaneously, the company shareholders expressed their support to vote down a proposal that would have directed it to issue a report demonstrating its role in the increased number of childhood obesity cases and said that customers are free to make any decision regarding their choice of food.

Earlier, on Tuesday, a supervisory body had advertised through newspapers, across the country, and hailed the company to stop its food marketing to children with a joker, toy giveaways and other similar tactics that can tempt the children, while attempted to force the company to retire its mascot Ronald McDonald.

Additionally, the U. S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has marked 17% children and teenagers as obese. The figures are alarming as obesity during childhood raises the risk of developing a wide range of health problems including type-2 diabetes, high cholesterol, and hypertension.

"There's much less of the clowning around these days. He's not just trying to make kids laugh. That was the original goal, but now he's positioned to be someone that kids can look up to", said Cheryl Berman, who worked on Ronald's image for 20 years in an advertisement agency where she was serving as a Chairman and Chief Creative Officer.