Facebook worked in "stealth mode" to oppose California bill: Sen. Ellen Corbett

D San LeandroUS Sen. Ellen Corbett, D-San Leandro, said that Facebook has worked in "stealth mode" to oppose the California bill that would force the world's most popular social-networking site and others to change their privacy protection policies.

Authored by Ellen Corbett, the proposal SB242 has already been opposed by Internet companies and trade associations, which argue that the bill under consideration would compel users to make uninformed decisions about their privacy as they will have to choose their privacy settings even before using the social networking services.

The bill will establish a default privacy setting for any person in California signing up for a social networking site.

But, Corbett said, "You shouldn't have to sign in and give up your personal information before you get to the part where you say, 'Please don't share my personal information."

Anyone under age of 18 years in California will also not be happy in case the bill passes because will provide parents with the right to get the information about their children under 18 years of age removed within 48 hours.

The legislation will force social networking platforms to explain privacy controls in "plain language." Violators of the law would get slapped with a fine of $10,000 for each violation.


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