Use of Drugs on the Rise

Use of Drugs on the RiseReports claim that drug menace is increasing day by day and more and more people are joining hands. The media glare upon drugs is failing to stop this menace from spreading in our societies.

Drug abuse covers the front page of many newspapers these days and it is on the rise. Police raids and drug laws are failing to control the drug smuggling and drug abuses.

Police are working very hard to control this problem by seizing large quantities of cannabis and have arrested more than 25 people in this regard.

These drugs cause several health problems, including death. People become so addicted towards drugs that they murder others and do crimes.

Drug menace has increased crimes in the city and police is trying hard to control.

It has been found by the health department that alcohol causes more damage than cannabis. Alcohol causes several health diseases and also in a factor towards crimes. Alcohol is now a part of the social life and thus this thing cannot be stopped.

Only way to stop this menace is to tighten the laws of drugs and the punishments if found guilty.

The police department is working very hard to stop this menace in the country and to stop all the drug related crimes in the country.


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