Windows Phone's 'Mango' update coming on May 24

Windows Phone's 'Mango' update coming on May 24Redmond-based software giant Microsoft on Monday announced it would provide a preview of the next major update for Windows Phone, codenamed Mango, on 24th of May 24.

The Mango update, which is also known as Windows Phone 7.5, is expected to include features like support for Kinect-like motion sensing via a phone’s camera, application-switching and better multitasking.

The update is also expected to bring some formerly unannounced features.

In an interview with the Windows Phone Dev Podcast, director Brandon Watson, of developer experience for Windows Phone, disclosed that the upcoming update will also include Bing Audio and Bing Vision.

Bing Audio will allow smartphone users to identify songs playing in the vicinity, while augmented-reality feature Bing Vision will allow a smartphone to scan barcodes, QR Codes etc.

According to a Microsoft blog, the early rollout of Mango tools will let developers to build apps for this new version of the mobile operating system.

Internet Explorer 9 is also coming to the new operating system.