First Centre for Giant Pandas to be Built in China

PandasAccording to a Chinese newspaper, the construction of the first centre for disease prevention and control for worldwide beloved giant pandas has been started in Dujiangyan city, in the Sichuan Province (China). This is going to be the first hospital in the whole world specialized in the treatment of pandas.

The centre is supposed to rescue giant pandas still living in the forests, as well as promoting researches to help the endangered species and prevent diseases. Additionally, the centre should be the destination of old animals.

About 210 million Yuan (about $32 million) will be used to build the 51 hectares area of the hospital, which should be completed by 2012. It will have capacity to accommodate 40 pandas. Most of the funds for the project are being provided by the Special Administrative Regional Government - about 130 million Yuan.

According to statistics, giant pandas are among the most endangered species in the world. The number of pandas living in the wild is about 1,600, while 300 live in zoos worldwide. In the past decades, Chinese experts have been having success in their efforts to increase the panda’s population. During the last 20 years, 315 baby pandas were born.


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