Leaf Brings Buzz to Economy

NissanThousands of workers may be needed at the Nissan plant in Smyrna, thanks to the company efforts to ramp up its workforce as a preparation for producing its new all-electric car. Last Saturday by rainy weather estimated 3,000 people stood in line for hours hoping to get one of those jobs. This fact could be an inspiration to the unemployed as well as an eye-opener for newly elected politicians who ran on campaigns of creating more jobs.

Rutherford County's unemployment rate of 8.4 percent might achieve double digits. Therefore, is not surprising that there were long lines at the Yates Services job fair. Yates, which is a maintenance contractor for the Smyrna Nissan plant, offers production support and warehousing jobs that pay between $11.25 and $18.50 an hour.

The 100-percent electric, zero-emission Nissan Leaf was named the 2011 World Car of the Year at the New York International Auto Show. Nissan’s car can go for 100 miles per charge and taking about eight hours to charge back up. According to the jurors at the World Car Awards the Leaf feels like a normal car, only quieter.

A buzz around this new electric car, which is expected to be produced in Smyrna starting next year, can be clearly noticed. Another plant on the Nissan property in Smyrna will build the lithium-ion batteries that power the car.


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