Artificial Nose to Detect Cancer

Artificial-NoseA breakthrough invention by Israeli researchers will allow individuals to detect cancer only by sniffing. The device has been developed by Professor Hossam Haick’s team. Haick is a professor at the Israel Institute of Technology. It is believed that the invention will eventually become an important tool for diagnosing head, neck and lung cancer.

The unique invention is called Nanoscale Artificial Nose (NA-NOSE). For diagnosing cancer, it uses five advanced sensors and some imaginative software to detect chemical compounds that is found in the breath of people. It works by smelling microscopic particles produced by tumor cells and detecting changes in blood chemistry and metabolic activity.

Till now, 80 volunteers have participated in the research. Out of them, 22 have been diagnosed with throat cancer or brain tumors whereas 24 had lung cancer.

Haick said that the NA-NOSE concept has the potential to reduce cancer mortality by enabling widespread, trustworthy screening. He further said that his inspiration for this technology was dogs who can naturally identify chemical traces in the range of parts per trillion.

The Oxford Journal of Chemical Senses has revealed that a dog’s nose is 1,000 to 10,000 times more sensitive than a human’s. Past studies have also showed that dogs can be trained to sniff disease in humans.