Horse Racing to be Drug-Free

Horse Racing to be Drug-FreeThe escalating numbers of drug-racing have alarmed many horse-racing industries. Keeneland has also joined thoroughbred industry groups in supporting drug-free racing and plans for an international medication summit that will take place this summer.

On Wednesday, Keeneland's board adopted a resolution according to which efforts will be made to adopt a pragmatic approach for the scheduling uniform medication rule, testing rules and penalties. It is felt that this practice will enable medication-free racing nationally and internationally.

While many are supporting this initiative, the national board of the Horsemen's Benevolent and Protective Association has opposed it. They are saying that the therapeutic medication may be better for a horse than letting them run on nothing.

Spokeswoman Julie Balog said that Keeneland's endorsement doesn't envision a "zero tolerance" standard, something that has drawn opposition even from supporters of drug-free efforts.

Meanwhile, it has come to light that Dr. Scot Waterman, who served ten years as Executive Director, has resigned. For the time being, Dr. Gregg Scoggins will be working as a Project Manager to oversee its Drug Testing Initiative (DTI) and therapeutic medication administration and threshold level research.