Unpaid bloggers sue Huffington Post

Unpaid bloggers sue Huffington PostA group of bloggers has filed a class action lawsuit against the Huffington Post, which was recently acquired by AOL for $315 million, claiming the online platform mistreats its content writers.

The class action lawsuit, led by writer & labor activist Jonathan Tasini, argues that owners of the Huffington Post are pocketing profits while writers who have played a crucial role in enriching the platform with content are getting nothing.

The filed complaint states, "If it were not for the labor of Plaintiff and the thousands of unpaid Class members on and for TheHuffingtonPost. com ... would not have been an attractive merger target and would have sold for at least $105 million less than the merger price of $315 million.”

Tasini claimed that she produced 216 pieces of content, some producing plentiful comments and social media exposure, but all without any reward.

The plaintiffs are seeking $105 million in damages. If they succeed, each one of the Huffington Post’s 9,000 bloggers is expected to get $11,666, from AOL and Arianna Huffington.

But, experts are of the opinion that that the plaintiffs will have to clear some high hurdles to succeed, such as there was no explicit or implied agreement that the site would make payment to bloggers.


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