Bacteria Becoming Resistant to Antibiotics

antibioticsIt has come to light that bacterial infections are becoming resistant to the most commonly prescribed antibiotic treatment. Antibiotics in patients kill the sensitive bacteria but resistant germs are left behind, grow and are multiplied. The primary cause behind resistant bacteria is felt to be continuous or repeated use of antibiotics.

It has been told by the medical officials that just like Atlanta, India will also be conducting study on antibiotics and their effects on one’s body and will publish guidelines for doctors, which will help them in recognizing the antibiotic regime, which can be replaced by a combination of drugs so that it does not cause resistance.

Commenting upon the irrational use of antibiotic, Dr. Ranjit Roychoudhury , MCI governing body member, said that medical students need to understand its rational use.

In a bid to control the use of antibiotics, the Drug Controller General of India is placing a mechanism that will not only monitor sale of the antibiotics in pharmacies but will also create news schedules in the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, following which some drugs will be sold only against prescription while some will be available for hospital use and not in pharmacies.


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