Hawaii Airways to Make Temporary Cuts in Services to Japan

Hawaii Airways to Make Temporary Cuts in Services to JapanAfter a series of natural disasters that hit Japan recently, the bosses at the Hawaii Tourism Authority have hinted for a possible cut in the Hawaii air capacity for the second quarter after the tourism was adversely affected.

In a bid to optimize their resources, it has been decided that the suspension of two of the three daily Narita flights along with a switch to smaller B767s from more spacious B747-400s will take place very soon.

In addition, the officials at the Delta Air Lines is also planning for the cuts in some its aerial services to Japan on temporary basis, or more precisely till the situation there gets back to its normal self.

It has been unveiled by the Hawaii Tourism Authority that since the quake hit the country; there has been a significant reduction in the influx of tourists from Japan to the Aloha state.

After March 11, the number of Japanese revelers fell down by 25% as compared to the figures at the same time of the last year.

A spokesman from the Hawaii Tourism Authority stated, “It is important to note that the reduction in service from Japan not only negatively impacts Japanese visitor traffic to Hawaii, but also impedes travel to Hawaii from other Asian markets, such as China, which travel to Hawaii via Japan”.