Verizon iPhone 5 may face tougher contest due to AT&T, T-Mobile merger

Verizon iPhone 5 may face tougher contest due to AT&T, T-Mobile mergerThe fifth-generation iPhone, the iPhone 5, on Verizon will likely face tougher competition from rival operator AT&T, which is going to become bigger & stronger by merging T-Mobile USA network with its own.

Apple’s iPhone was made available via Verizon after complaints against poor network service of AT&T, which had been enjoying exclusive rights to sell the iPhone since its launch in 2007. Analysts were of the view that availability of iPhone via Verizon would help both Apple as well as Verizon.

The main reason for consumers appreciating the Verizon iPhone was because they were expecting to experience less dropped calls.

But, with the AT&T’s merger with T-Mobile USA could dash Verizon’s expectation for good iPhone sales as the merger will allow AT&T to improve quality service at cheaper rates.

A report recently quoted AT&T’s Randall Stephenson saying, "If they were to get together with T-Mobile then calls would not only be cheaper, but there will also be an increase in quality - something that AT&T customers have been waiting for."

Meanwhile, swirling rumors claim that the iPhone 5 would appear late in fall this year, rather than the usual unveiling of the handset in summer.


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