UK ISPs proposes independent Internet watchdog

UK ISPs proposes independent Internet watchdogBritain's major Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are reportedly mulling over plans to create an independent Internet watchdog which would have the power to blacklist copyright infringing websites.

A report published in the Daily Telegraph claimed that copyright holders would suggest a list of copyright infringing websites and the service providers block access to them. The watchdog will target sites like that of the Pirate Bay along with BitTorrent trackers, which are often accused of infringing copyrights.

As per the Telegraph, the idea has come from non-profit organization Internet Watch Foundation (IWF), which gathers and examines reports of online child abuse material. The organization then provides ISPs with a blacklist of web addresses that are then blocked by the service providers.

In support of its claim, the paper cited the letter allegedly signed by ISPA, Google and TalkTalk. The letter reads, "We were concerned that some of the discussion at the roundtable suggested that the IWF scheme could be used as a template for a scheme to block access to sites facilitating downloading of unlicensed content."

But, the paper added that no details of the potential structure and funding of such a watchdog had been agreed.