Outrage over the Use of Pesticide in the Bee Farms

Outrage over the Use of Pesticide in the Bee FarmsPesticide can potentially wipe out the wide population of bees. As per reports, synthetic neonicotinoid pesticide family has been capturing the attention of many Beekeepers Associations as it poses a major threat to the bees.

If statistics are to be believed, almost 29% of the bee colonies in the United States were lost in comparison to 36% in 2008 and 32% in 2007.

With the threat on the bees rising, many believe that the substantial use of commercial and domestic pesticides is the reason of this situation.

Moreover, National Beekeepers Association upper South Island Executive Member, Kerry Gentleman, blamed the manufactures of not putting warning signals on the pesticides bottles which resulted in health concern.

In order to address the percolating concern, Beekeepers have appealed the Environmental Risk Management Authority (Erma) to intervene in the crisis so that use of pesticides as seed coating can be abolished.

Though some international researchers have sided with the beekeepers over the potential damage of pesticides, the association is not sure about the potential reason for this damage.

Amid this furore, Green Party food Spokeswoman, Sue Kedgley has made an appeal to the government to devise a full fledge strategy to cater to the assessment of bees ecological system and moreover, stressed to put a ban on the use of neonicotinoids in the bee making industry.