Concern over Toxic Fumes in Flights

Concern over Toxic Fumes in FlightsDr. Susan Michaelis used to fly for a regional division of Qantas in Australia but then she stopped doing it because of serious medical issues involved with flying as she believes that she fell ill because of the exposure to toxic fumes.

She claimed that people were becoming the victim of contaminated air on planes which was caused by the fume leaks. She opined that it was one of the biggest issues in the aviation industry as it was a big problem if people were not breathing safe air.

In addition, she said, “If you've been on an aircraft and smelled that funny odor it's recognized that's generally oil fumes. You wouldn't know and if you were to get sick, it may not be related, but you wouldn't know. People are getting sick. There are people getting sick and they are getting seriously sick”.

A Department for Transport Spokesman mentioned that they had commissioned a groundbreaking research to find out if there was a major issue and this work was under peer review, waiting to get published soon.

Referring to this issue as controversial, a Spokesman for the British Airline Pilots Association (Balpa) said that most of the pilots didn’t see fume leaks as a common problem.