Green Party Appeals for Changes in Alcohol Reform Bill

Green Party Appeals for Changes in Alcohol Reform BillA massive rise of 15% in the cases of alcohol or drug dependency has been notified by the Community Alcohol and Drug Service (CADS) in 2010 in Auckland, as per reports.

The situation has become even grimmer as a nine-year-old was among the 382 cases registered in the CADS. If statistics are to be believed, almost 15,000 cases were referred to CADS last year.

Responding to the dithering situation, Service's Regional Manager, Robert Steenhuisen reportedly claimed that the statistics have sent jitters in the community as the situation is at the brink of going out of control.

The report claimed that almost 50% were getting treatment for alcohol abuse and the remaining were serious cases for cannabis and other drugs.

Responding to the crisis, CADS child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, Grant Christie claimed that the report has unveiled only 5% of the total cases of drug and alcohol and the actual figures can even be more shocking.

With the report becoming the point of concern for the authorities, the Green Party has reportedly made an appeal to revise the Alcohol Reform Bill so that the problem can be suitably addressed.