Chinese Martial Art Improves Depression in Aged people

Chinese Martial Art Improves Depression in Aged people A recent research conducted by researchers from the US has found that westernized form of the ancient Chinese martial art tai chi can bring improvement in the levels of depression in older people. Tai chi is an internal martial art which involves working on stretching, breathing and balance.

Depression is a serious health concern among older people. Statistics reveal that more than 65 million people are suffering from depression, which is curable. People are advised to seek the help of medical professionals because depression can lead to major health consequences such as greater morbidity, disability and mortality.

The US researchers evaluated the impact of tai chi exercise classes and standard depression treatment, which includes medication for a group of depressed seniors at UCLA. Researchers claim that these classes improve levels of depression as well as quality of life, better memory and cognition. As result of the classes and medication, the older people also gain more overall energy.

A UCLA Professor-in-Residence of Psychiatry, Helen Lavretsky, says that with the help of tai chi depression and disability could be treated without the use of any additional medications.