Death Toll Rises to Seven in Thai Tourist Resort

Number of deaths has risen to seven after a Canadian tourist, Bill Mah, 59, died in a Thai tourist resort, Downtown Inn. Details about the death of Bill Mah were revealed after his friend Ken Fraser raised questions about his death.

Reports reveal that Bill Mah died in the same circumstances responsible for the death of New Zealand tourist Sarah Carter. Ms Cater had died due to the inflammation of heart.

Mr. Mah had been in Chiang Mai for two weeks before falling ill at a dinner party on January 24. The next morning, he was taken to the hospital due to chest pain where doctors found that he had heart attack. After two days he was discharged from the hospital with medication for acid reflux but was found dead in his room that night.

A British couple George and Eileen Everitt, who were in their 70s, died due to heart attack at the Downtown Inn. A Thai tourist guide, Waraporn Pungmahisiranon, 47, had also died in the Downtown Inn.

Thai authorities have denied any link between the deaths and Thai resorts but the families of victims are demanding answers.