Virgin’s 100MB broadband reaches over 1M UK households

Virgin’s 100MB broadband reaches over 1M UK householdsUK broadband provider Virgin Media has claimed that its ultra-fast 100 megabit connection service is now available to more than one million households in the country.

The 100 megabit service of the company is claimed to be the fastest broadband service available in the UK, with download speeds more than 16 times faster than the average internet speed in the country.

Consumers of Virgin Media’s 100 megabit service can download movies in just a few minutes. The service also offers other advantages like greater bandwidth for handling the demands of PCs, game consoles and smartphones.

The company said it is on track to complete its next-generation roll out by mid 2012. It means around 13 million household (nearly half of the total UK households) will be able to the ultra fast broadband service.

Speaking on the topic, Jon James from Virgin Media said, "When we finish the roll-out of 100Mb across our network, half the country will have access to ultrafast broadband."

Virgin Media claims that its cable services are now available to as many as 13 million UK households.

The company has also announced that its TiVO customers would be able to record two programs whilst watching a third one, thanks to the activation of a third tuner that would cost nothing extra.