ACS:Law faces massive legal costs & fines

Law faces massive legal costs & finesUK law firm ACS: Law, which gathered thousands of pounds from alleged illegal file-sharers using its "speculative invoicing" procedure before dragging 27 cases to the Patents County Court in London, is now facing fines.

The disgraced law firm and its solicitor Andrew Crossley may be forced to pay costs to the defendants they pursued. The lawsuits filed by the law firm have been dismissed and the court is now mulling over legal costs & fines against the firm.

ACS: Law, which was founded by solicitor Andrew Crossley and its client Media CAT, closed down unexpectedly earlier this year.

The alleged file-sharers’ lawyer Guy Tritton said that ACS: Law wasted the court’s time as they had no goal of following through with the trial. They just used the warning of legal action to pinch money from the targeted people.

ACS: Law and Media CAT are reportedly liable for payments of more than 100,000 pounds. A solicitor representing a group of five defendants claims that its bill is 90,000 pounds. The Solicitors Regulation Authority has already been investigating solicitor Crossley over the threatening letter campaign.