British Women are Obsessed with Body Image

British Women are Obsessed with Body ImageA recent UK survey, ‘Sex in the Nation’, has unveiled the hidden insecurity among the British women when it comes to sex. A shocking 75% claim that a pint of alcohol is a must for sex, even with their husbands or boyfriend. However, a paltry 6% prefer regular sex without any stimulant for the sake of obligation.

For the study, 3000 women of the age between 18-50 years were questioned and they claim that alcohol helps in building confidence while undergoing sex. Many health experts believe that women are obsessed with ‘zero size’ image and hence, are reluctant to accept their own body image.

Most of the women expressed lack of confidences as far as their body image in concerned. Contrary to women, around 20% over weight men prefer to avoid sex due to inherent insecurities about their inflated belly.

Responding to the study, Kathryn Lakeland of Femfresh, which conducted the study, claims that British women are highly finicky about their outer appearance and henceforth, prefer sex under the effect of any stimulant.

Moreover, Kathryn asserted that since most of the women gulp glasses of alcohol before getting into bed and that’s why they refuse to admit their one-night stand.


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