Hollywood Beauty Is Representing New Range from Dior

Hollywood Beauty Is Representing New Range from DiorA recent advertisement featuring Hollywood actor and glamour girl Kate Moss wearing lip color named Dior Addict Lipstick has raised little controversial talks. The advertisement showed that Kate is addicted to that lipstick, which makes her look vivacious and glamorous.

This way the commercial has clearly depicted that this new collection is something to which girls will get hooked to. Kate being the face of that commercial showed that she is completely dependent on that particular color range when it comes to looking gorgeous.

The story in that advertisement showed that Kate went to the Dior's spring/summer show sporting the glossy lipstick and before entering the runway she paused to apply another coat of pink lip color and said that a girl cannot afford to enter without her lipstick. From the commercial aspects, it was good enough to attract buyers.

But the irony lies elsewhere as the Hollywood beauty Kate had spent some time in the rehabilitation centre to get rid of her addictions. Now she is presenting the Dior's product which is called Addict Lipstick. This product and its representative are somehow connected to each other.